Thanks for picking me up

As I sat here at my desk, my office is in my home, and feverishly  attempted to figure this blogging site out, I heard the door open and close. I called out “L.. is that you?” Shuffle, shuffle, I hear her walking into my office, as she does everyday.

Only today, while I sat at computer I neglected to hear that it was raining. She said, in her most tasty tone, “Thanks for picking me up. Ummm” I looked at her and laughed. Not that she was sooo wet, but that I was so involved I lost track of the  time. Mind you, she had to walk about 5 houses away from where the bus dropped her off.

I tried to explain, she wasn’t really angry, but put up her hand “Don’t,” she stated matter of factly. I followed her into the  kitchen explaining how I was distracted, how difficult this process is for me. “Don’t” she stated holding up her hand as she searched for something to snack on.

Oh well. I messed up, but not that badly. She is home safe and sound and fed. I returned to my computer to figure this out. I haven’t a clue what I am doing, but after another 40 minutes of clicking on this and that, of having trouble signing in again, I decided to just try to add another post.  Perhaps more later.


One thought on “Thanks for picking me up

  1. This one made us laugh. The thought of Miss L trudging through the rain for such a distance. What an indignity. Miss L is very cute, but does she know about umbrellas?


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