I voted yesterday. There was a line, that was a good thing. I have always been involved politically, sometimes more active than other times. So far, I have resisted involvement. The last election I worked on was the fateful Bush/Gore election. How distressing was that. I worked the schools and the beaches (I live in a warm climate) to get people to register to vote. It was during that time, that I so how apathy runs deep among our citizenry. It is a sad state of affairs to know that so many seek refuge in this country and yet its own citizens take so little action to protect the one thing that is the ideal: freedom to vote.I stood on the line yesterday hoping that the line was an indication of something better to come this election. I wondered if the Democratic bosses would dare to refuse to seat the rebellious states like Florida. I wondered whether this time we might actually hope to have a President that has the capacity to understand the world that exists now: the issues facing all nations are complex, not the least of which is global warming.  I worry that not enough people will vote and that those that do vote will not take the time, or are unable to learn about the issues. The last election I recall a woman stating that her minister told the congregation how to vote because there really was no separation of church an state. That is too scary. Simple slogans do not solve the worlds problems  and yet that is what moves people. It seems since the Reagan days, that is more and more the case.I guess I am left to hope and do what I can -vote -and encourage others to do the same.  

Multi-level marketing

I just left the house of a friend, a new friend, of mine. We were working on the home page of her business website. The focus of the business has changed from a networking center to a networking center/ home based business resource.

We spent a couple of hours going over the draft I had written for her. During our conversation, which included, children, marriage- all the typical topics women speak about with each other, we landed on the topic of the website.

My friend is involved in a few home-based business ventures –all are multi-level. I simply do not get how it works. For the purpose of the website, it doesn’t matter. But, for me, I do not understand how everyone becomes a distributor. If everyone is a distributor who then are the clients. I know that women are making good money handling these products despite lack of understanding.

I have been to presentations about a variety of home based businesses. It just isn’t the way my brain works. So I guess, I will keep writing for my friend and trust that one day I will have that aha! experience. In the meantime, if you are a woman looking for a home-based business go to Mommy and check out the networking possibilities.

Inspired: Women Working

I went to a Goddess store this AM to promote my book: Awakening Minerva: The Power of Creativity in Women’s Lives and to promote my workshop on creativity. The store owner was a petite, attractive woman with big blue eyes  who spoke  easily about  dance and meditation.

There was a hip hop class going on in the studio as we spoke out in the store. We talked about dancing, about dance and sexual energy, different forms of dance and meditation. We spoke about expanding or releasing one’s energy through dance, which entails a connection to that place deep inside of each of us, male or female, that houses the sexual.

As we spoke about these things, I mentioned that I was from a different city– perhaps 40 , 50 minutes away. She told me about the long distances that other women traveled to take dance
classes at the goddess studio. Different dance classes.  I learned that there was one woman, who happened to be from my city, who came to the studio every morning to dance for two hours before she would travel back to do her days work.

She owns her own business and thus can determine when her work day begins. The thought of taking two hours every day to dance before she begins her work is spectacular. What a gift to herself and probably everyone else who works with her including her clients.

That is the point really. If we give ourselves, perhaps better phrased, allow ourselves the time to fulfill our needs physically, emotionally, spiritually, we are always better equipped to deal with the day’s challenges.  I didn’t speak with this woman, she was dancing. But I certainly was inspired by her discipline and her strength to say: this is what I need.

We all need to be inspired. Look around you today and see what messages the universe is providing you.

Bombarded by thoughts about women

I thought early today that I needed to write about what is posted a many blog sites. I have been bothered over the last few days by the types of posting about women. Even those posts which are suppose to be helpful, appear to me to be superficial.

I am new to blogging, as my many post have already indicated, but I have found the focus on women sadly lacking. I have determined that the categories I created many weeks ago are important.

To begin, I created a new zine or attempted to at any rate. The focus of that blog is to be women and business. I worked on an article about writing a business plan. Posted it, more than once as I kept loosing it and then decided to make it part of this new zine. I tried my best to create a cover for the zine.

I didn’t want to use the photos I had on my collection and went looking through those that were immediately available through the blog site. I was more than disappointed. Photo after photo of women were about young scantily dressed women, exposed body parts, suggestive postures, women kissing women etc. I really don’t care that these are there, however, there was a lack of photos of business women, women who are strong, multi-generational gatherings of women, etc. There is more to a woman life than her ability to be sexually attractive and that is not always demonstrated in the “traditional” way.

I have not given up my determination to create a wonderful cover for the Women and Business zine. I will find a photo appropriate but find the lack of substance around me disheartening. So much for all the progress made since the 60’s.

Women on my mind

I have been trying to figure this blogging business out for a couple of weeks now. I admit, that one of the reasons I ventured into this arena was to obtain another form of income from my writing. And, while I have been writing in the dark, as it were, I am beginning to get a sense of what is out there.

I am a writer by trade, a mother and a wife, a friend, a confident, a speaker, a workshop facilitator to name a few roles I play– functions I serve?  At any rate, one of those roles requires me to write a newsletter for the Ft. Lauderdale National Assoc. of Women Business Owners. I enjoy the women I meet through this chapter and the other networking chapters I have attended. Although, I am not one to be involved in the highly structured, more rigid networking groups. That is not my style.

My style is far more casual. I come from a background in the arts. That is basically irrelevant. What I have discovered recently, through my eyes as a woman business owner looking at the blogs, is exactly that. There seems to be a lack of voices writing about women business owners. I have looked at the topics on helium, I am not moved. I have looked at the women’s topics on other women driven sites and yet they all seem so traditional.

Perhaps my voice needs to be heard in this arena. Within this arena, the issues of money, creativity, life balance, family, sisterhood all exist. That is what I love to write about. And so, this is a declaration. My blogging will continue to address the needs of women, mothers, daughters, friends. My voice will be inspired by your voice and so I hope to get a dialogue moving between women seeking other women’s understanding of this journey we are on.

Mastering the blog

I am a bit intimidated by this blogging stuff. But, unlike things in the past, I keep coming back to it. I have resolved that I will get help to understand and develop my blog. I know already that I am missing something particular as I have posted several items over two months but do not know if the world has received them. I have also, joined, I think networks etc. It is a bit daunting to keep writing in the dark, as it were.

And, I am not clear about the process of earning money from blogging. It has taken me a couple of years to attempt this and I am determined to make it work. I do learn quickly but I need help. I have applied to be part of the AdSense and was approved. Yet, I do not seem to know how to coordinate it all. Someone, several weeks ago, e-mailed me with all kinds of instructions. I tried to understand them but to no avail. Oh Well. It is all a learning process and I am up to learning new things.

It seems that the older I get, the slower I learn. Perhaps it is more accurate to write, the slower I move through my hesitations and anxieties. But, I am resolved. I will get this together and I will do it by the end of January. From there, I plan on building my blog into a thriving business. I am a writer by nature, by craft, by profession. It just makes sense that blogging is a part of the process now. It is not enough to write stories, or articles, or books, not even speech writing. It is not enough to try my hand at screenwriting. For me, using words to communicate has taken on many forms and contexts. I willingly embrace all of them.

Mastering the form is the problem far more so than the context. I understand the context in the bigger picture, though that is stated from a position on the outside looking in. I will have to revisit the issue of form and context in a year.

For the moment, if you see this post, please connect with me.

Sharing one’s pain over lunch

I just came back from Vail, Colorado. It was both beautiful and cold up in the Rocky Mountains. As part of my easing back into real life, just after the new year begins, I have had lunch with a woman I have known, but not known, for years.

We chatted easily, as we have done for years. But, today we shared intimately about relationships, children, what it means to be a middle aged woman  alone– or not alone.

After the lunch, which actually lasted 2 hours or more, we hugged and said goodbye. It felt nice to know that I have a new friendship forming. It was nice to know that I can move through the year with yet another woman to bolster my journey. It was not all that long ago, or perhaps it really was, that I never had a real female friend. My preference was men. I didn’t know in my teens, twenties and thirties that women were powerful, insightful, sensitive and caring.

But, over the last twenty some odd years, since I have been working as a writer, I have always written, when given the choice, about women. It is no surprise to me, that my new project has to do with women.

Am I working some psychological issue out by writing about women who overcome. In some respects yes. However, I also feel that the world has neglected so many of the female lives that helped create this country, create the labor unions, create the science we lean so heavily upon now. These women of the past need recognition. They came generations before me, but the courage, stamina, and vision  these women  demonstrated inspires me. And, I believe that they can inspire other women as well.

So, every time I meet a strong woman who validates me it gives me courage to continue to journey of becoming. That’s it for me. The journey to fulfill my potential. This year, good or bad, part of that potential must be about earning good money.

The path to earning money is complex, as it is inextricably tied to issues of allowing abundance into my life, issues that surround my sense of entitlement. The women in my life now understand that struggle. I will turn to those women this year to help me on my path.

Happy new year to all.