The time passes

It has been a while since I have visited my own blog pages. So be it. I believe I suffer from what ails many, a lack of response to my postings and a sense of confusion about how to drive traffic to my site. Be that as it may, my life goes on.

I stop by today to make a post about my son. We are in the last few weeks of his high school career. The college application process has been fraught with trauma, different for him than for me and my husband. For us, the parents, the issues are: where will our son do the best, how much can we afford, and what major will we or won’t we pay for.

For me, this was painful. I went to college to study theatre, then acting, and then interdisciplinary studies. My academic career has not be the traditional one so that when the issue of his going to school as a music major arose, I was in a quandary. How do I tell my son that he cannot major in music when I majored in theatre. 

There where struggles between my husband and myself as I refused to tell our son he couldn’t choose music as a major. Since he was not 100% determined to major in music, I found it easier to encourage him to declare himself “open” and go toward liberal arts. I have a core belief that all people should have a liberal arts foundation before they major — my bias. 

After all the hand wringing, the waiting to hear from this school or that, he chose the most logical place for himself. He chose Indiana University. He was accepted to higher ranked schools but Indiana is perfect for him on so many levels. They have a world class music program that embraces talented non-music majors, they are a division 1 school (my son is a wonderful athlete) and they have an exploratory program for incoming freshman who remain open to exploration of a major.  

In my view, he will pursue music if that is what his heart tells him to do, but in the meantime, he will get a wonderful liberal arts education, participate in music and sports and expand his horizons as far as he chooses to make them. And unlike some of the other private schools he was accepted to, we can handle the cost.  I am happy for him.