The road trip

My family and I went on a road trip. It wasn’t suppose to be that way. As my  son prepares to go to college, I wanted all of us to go cycling through Spain. The economy decided otherwise. Then, it was decided that we would explore the north west and the Canadian rockies only to have our plans foiled by college orientation. So, the road trip emerged. 

We travelled, four of us, in a station wagon over 2,000 miles staying usually in a very crowded hotel suite until our final destination (Ann Arbor, Michigan) where we left our rented car and flew home.  It was a long trip in some respects, but overall we faired well — at least most of us did. There was disharmony more toward the beginning of the trip with the two parental units: a story that will not be told here.

But, I enjoy being with my children and have always had good times with them. I wish I could alter the dynamic between the parental units but that has eluded me for many years. The trip proved that despite some poor behavior as a family unit we manage with a touch of dysfunction. I can only hope that my son will continue to return home and wish to vacation with all of us. I know I will miss him and I don’t want to focus on my daughter, now that she will be an only child. If I were her, that prospect would get me very nervous.  The road trip served to identify within me issues that remain unresolved. As with everything else, there were lessons to be learned and follow up actions to be taken.