Friends on Facebook

Recently, I started a facebook page. I did so mostly to be able to communicate with my son quickly –at least that was my plan. I don’t know that much has changed with our communications patterns but in the process I experienced something else entirely new. 

A friend of mine, who is a conservative radio talk show host ( we rarely discuss politics these days) also recently started a facebook page. She  instantly had hundreds of friends. I received a request from someone on her page to be a friend. This person indicated that she too was a writer. Always looking to make new connections I befriended her. We exchanged a few brief comments and then I was tagged. While looking around her page, I came across a photo of Obama. I saw that there was something on the photo and out of curiosity I clicked on it to get a better look. The words and the hatred that spewed forth from those words was startling and all I could think about was that I had allowed this person access to me and my friends. 

I asked my daughter how I could remove this person. Her response, filled with amused disbelief at my question, simply stated: delete her. Wow! Just like that delete her. But then I worried, what would this woman think and what might she do if I deleted her. She was, after all, not quite what I had hoped for in a new friend. So, I have a new quandary, do I find out more about her or do I delete her.  Click and you are instantly deleted! That feels so very final to me. But, then I think of the photo on her page which she thought was wonderful and I ask, is there really anything else to consider…

Working the technology

This week I created a facebook page. I find it fascinating. Actually, I would like to create a very active page but don’t know how yet.  In the meantime, I have connected with my son in college and have heard more from him in the last few days than I usually hear in a month –that makes me happy. My daughter seems a bit horrified at the reality 🙂  

It is unbelievable how we communicate these days. I have “written” on someone’s wall that I have not been in contact with since the day I graduated high school — many years ago. That’s fun. And, I do understand the potential for communicating about work using facebook. It actually seems clearer to me than blogging…

Future Forward

I like that title. I saw it somewhere on the web and decided to use it here. It has been awhile since I wrote anything. I had a job and lost a job. There are two ways to react to that move backwards and down (depression) or move forward and up (enthusiasm) After a brief slid back and down, I decided to regroup. I am looking for work again though certain realities are becoming clear about how I operate in this world. 

Much to be thankful for: I have a house, a healthy, productive partner, two wonderful children that continue to growth and thrive and inspire me, a wonderful loving companion dog and my own health. Optimism is not natural to me. I work at it, I have to remind myself regularly that I need to stay positive. It actually takes less work to be positive then it does to sit in my ruminations.

More will be revealed:)