The business of writing

I just finished surfing the net — G-d only knows if there is a new expression for that now. That statement reflects how I feel at this moment. I read an article in the Times today about branding. Yuck. And, I was looking through the help wanted section of my local paper. There was an ad for a writer but the IT programs that were required, not just experience but expertise was astounding to me.

If I wanted to be a techy, I would have studied that. I come from a background that is interdisciplinary in nature. But, please, this is too much. And, while I am complaining, what is up with these sites where you bid for work. There was someone bidding on something and charging 40 cents per hour. OMG! Can any one compete with that? 

I guess I am getting a little  bit too old since I am resisting this so much. Still the fact is that I have this blog, I am on Tweeter, I have a website, and a facebook page. Oh please. I am SOOOO over it. Flick of the wrist… Had on hip. As my daughter would do. 🙂

Writing to inform

I have been working on a piece about hormone replacement therapy. How distressing to learn that once again  the FDA has abandoned its obligation to protect the consumer and not the manufacturers. In this case, the pharmaceutical companies.  Presently, there is a strident campaign against bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. The basis for this campaign is the billions of dollars at stake for the pharmaceutical companies. 

The is a place in medicine for more than one treatment. It seems more than reasonable to me that women should have the option to choose whether they want and need to take synthetically created hormones or bio-identical hormones. The science for bio-identical hormones is available. Unfortunately, the issue will only become moot when the pharmaceutical industry has figured out how to create bio-identical therapies that they can patent.

Bidding on work

Recently, I went to a few  freelance writing sites to see what was happening there. I experienced two things. First, one must pay to join most of them and second,  bidding includes people from all over the world. I believe I stumbled upon a scam. I applied for a job and received an e-mail telling me to follow a link to finish the online application. I was led to one of these sites where I had to pay to get in. I thought that was a bit suspicious.

Next, I found a site that allowed one to view the jobs though to bid one had to be a member. What was most disturbing to me were the bids. Someone overseas was bidding to write an article for $O.45. Please, how can one compete with that.  I have worked in the arts most of my life and I am offended by the assumption that it is OK to work for nothing. Sorry, but how do I pay my electric bill, or indeed the initiation fee at wages like that. 

I”ll just keep looking…