Trekking out to the mid-west

I love to travel.  I went out to Indiana to help my son pack up his things for the summer and to come home. That in itself was a joy. But, before I could get there, I first had to go through the airport, board the plane, de-board, and board another plane. Most of it was fine unless you take in the aggravation of dealing with everyday folk. I am always reminded of an expression in those times when my patience is worn thin, that I love humanity. It is just people I hate.  I know this may sound soooo very elitist but it is true.  There is something about people who don’t read, don’t listen, and don’t pay attention that annoys me. They some how invade my space. So, on my way out to Indiana I had to do a good deal of breathing. For some reason, I was particularly bothered.  Maybe I was just anxious to be with my son. It had been a couple of months since I had seen him. I do miss him when he is gone. 

The packing up, moving things to storage, shipping things home went easier and faster than I had anticipated. The best part was that we got to laugh a lot– usually at my expense, but I didn’t mind. The flights home were much easier. Probably because my son was a distraction, but also because it actually paid to upgrade since we had so much luggage. We sat in business class. It was quite, and comfortable. The moment we sat down the stewardess wanted to know if we would like something to drink. Ah, sipping away on my drink (a coke)  as I watched all the plebeians file by. To bad the next time I fly I will again return to the world of the masses. Heee Heee Heee.