Laylah and Me

That is the title my son gave me the other day when I was talking about writing on my blog. Write about Laylah and me! He lifts this beautiful little bear dog, a yellow lab up in the air and states: I give you Cimba! OK.

We have a new puppy. OMG! It is worse than a baby. The first week I was up every night several times a night. Thankfully, the times up at night have been reduced to one with the day beginning early. Better but still…

Then there is potty training, as it is now called. Thank goodness for Ben. He and I take turns or shifts watching the pup. She is very funny and is smart. Though she is too little to have any control at all she does have the concept of going outside. There aren’t as many accidents as there could be.

My other dog, a 3 year old lab named Betsy was beside herself when Laylah arrived. She would not come to either Ben or I. She has gotten over her initial horror and sometimes even plays with Laylah. Of course, Laylah adores Betsy and can’t leave her alone.

The dog was to be my daughter’s. Yet, the timing of things didn’t quite work out. We drove a ridiculous number of hours each way to get Laylah and then my beautiful Ms. L left on a month long vacation the next morning. So, Ben and I have been hostages of a puppy that was not suppose to be our responsibility.

Ms. L comes home in a week for a day and then off she goes for another 10 days to a friend’s country house in the mountains.

It’s OK. Laylah can stay. She is a funny dog with lots of personality. But, I can assure you that she is the last baby dog I will ever get.

Working at home

I am on the phone gathering information about an article I am writing on domestic violence. As I am speaking to the director of a shelter in South Florida, I hear shrieks: Ma! Ma! MAAAAAAh!. “Excuse me, ” I say, “I am sorry to interrupt , but my daughter is screaming.” With that, I run through the house, phone in hand, looking for my daughter. L…, are you alright? L….! 

Then I hear the shower on in the back bedroom and I know there is nothing really terrible happening. “What is it, L…? Ma. There is a lizard in the shower….” 

I turn around and start walking back to my office on the other side of the house. The woman on the phone states, “Go ahead. Take care of her.” “Oh please.” I retort. “She is 15 and everything is soooo dramatic.”  

Somehow, I can’t imagine my husband interrupting a phone conversation to follow her screaming. I would bet anything that he would choose to ignore it.  But then, that brings to mind when my daughter was a new born. I was interviewing women for a book. Luckily for me they came to my office which was in my home. Sometimes during an interview (they lasted several hours each) I would have to nurse my daughter. Often times, the women and I had a chuckle over the situation and couldn’t imagine  men proceeding with an interview while nursing.  

 L… would have had little luck in eliciting help from her dad in this instance anyway as he too hates lizards. Just another work moment in my life. 🙂