Stranger than strange

Staying open, as they say, can be downright confusing. In an effort to find stable income or perhaps a more sizable income, I enrolled in a life, health and annuities class in preparation for the state exam. Step one, passed the classroom qualifying tests.

So, as I continue to move forward with this but I seek to make sense out of it with regards to who I am. I can’t. Plain and simple. How does this have anything to do with the arts. Nothing.

But forward I must go. To continue the push forward I actually have an interview at an insurance company 2moro. Even, stranger.
I don’t know anything about the position but I have heard good things about the company.

The master plan is to get to know how to sell and then become part of my friends company. That way, (the master plan) I can earn a respectable living and write as well. For most of my life, I have worked freelance. It is natural to want to continue on that path.

Another friend of mine tells me I can do it all. I can sell the insurance, write my books etc, give my workshops and anything else I want to do. I watch her. She is amazing. She decides this is what she needs and off she goes to get it. Maybe, if earning money weren’t always such a burden I might be freer with my writing.

As a final note, work on my two books proceeds 🙂