I was driving back in the car with a woman who has had two brain tumors, back surgery and I don’t know what else and she was telling me about life being too short. We had gone to a church in West Palm Beach to speak to the teachers about insurance. It was one of those weird life experiences. The place, the people everything about it was strange.

I know that I am an elitist. Still, I was surprised at what I saw and heard. All I can say is that I am glad my children did not go to that school.  The profound weariness on their faces, the confusion in their eyes and dare I say the lack of education.  Scary.

But, I continue to plod along doing this and that waiting. In some respects I am like those two characters in Waiting for Godot. I should know better. But, still I wait. Wait, wait.

I write about this and that and wait. I try to start a new business in insurance and wait. I raise my children and wait. I write some more, research some more and wait. I complain about money, marriage, work and Wait. Wait.

I know I am wasting time waiting but have not had the AH HA moment yet that will snap me out of my waiting. I remember once hearing a woman who was miserable at her job talk about how she had turned it over to G-d and now she would wait to see what would happen.  She had not sent out a resume. Indeed, she had not even put one together. But still she was ready to wait.  So until the Ah Hah moment arrives I will just wait. :/