Back from the Sea

Well, I did it. I finally went on my first cruise. I was determined to be prepared so I took Bonine and I wore wrist bands that have pressure beads.  I survived without major incidents.  Though, after I finally placed my feet upon the shores of my home, I did continue to rock for a day or so. Had I taken the Bonine then, I wonder if the rocking would have stopped.

We went to celebrate, belatedly, my parents’ 65 th wedding anniversary and my dad’s 89th birthday.  They did well, though the boat was a bit large for them and a bit small for me.  We were comprised of my family of origin and all the offspring from that original unit.  My son Ben was not on board as he was working at school. My partner was not there either.  So Miss L and I shared a cabin. That would well for me — I couldn’t swear for her though.

The cabin was larger than I had envisioned and we all had balconies. That was very pleasant, and I spent a few hours on the balcony during the day and late at night. I was surprised by the night skies. I have seen magnificent night time skies filled with stars. There didn’t seem to be as many as I have seen in the mountain skies. Still it was beautiful and one night, as I was gazing, I thought I saw the outlines of constellations. I guess to much time on the seas makes one hallucinate.

The ship was nice but the crowd scene was a bit of a shock. I learned how to tune them out or just ignore them. There is an expression that seems apropos to the issue of people:  I love humanity, it is people I can’t stand. 🙂  Anyway, this mass of human flesh were focused on food and alcohol.  The size of a good many cruisers was unparalleled. As my Miss L would say, ” there were a lot of fat people there.”  Yuck. To see people, even some of my own family members ordering multiple dishes or notice as people loaded up their plates in the buffet was nauseating. There is a reason why some people are obese. They eat too much.

So after much talking about this or that, activities were chosen.  Miss L and I, my brother and my talented nephew Mr. J. went to see the ruins at Tulum.  That was a bit of a disappointment. I can remember visiting Chichen Itza  and Stonehenge years ago when one could wonder freely among the ruins. It makes a huge difference in being able to connect with the site when one can physically engage with it.  But then, the masses have chipped away at the stones or defaced the paintings with grafti making the ruins off limits to those of us who really are about them.  It was interesting to see the ruins but I felt disconnected.  I think Chichen Itza was far more interesting then Tulum but Tulum is situated on a beautiful spot. 

In anticipation of the voyage, I bought a “Netbook.” I was all set to work hours on my novel.  Instead, I thought I needed to down load microsoft office which I did before the voyage. On boat, I had to pay to get online because my program wasn’t working. Then my brother in law told me about open office. Needless to say, it was $90 later and 4 attempts at downloading open office unsuccessfully. I finally got my microsoft program to work. Not a great deal of progress was made on the novel though I did re-acquaint myself with the story. For that it was worth the effort. I then had to clean up my Netbook when I got on land again and successfully downloaded open office.

Would I sail again. Yes. I love going on sail boats, I love the ocean. I have always found peace at the ocean. But, I think I will aim differently for the next cruise. I would love to go on one of those offered by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY– cruise the river ways of Europe stopping at various cities to see the museums — Or perhaps sail down the Nile past the pyramids.

I am glad I went. I know at least in calm seas I can handle it.  A balcony is a must however.  Well, here I am back on land ready to jump into my regular life again, for the moment and on solid footing.