Working the Keyboard

I wish I could state that working the keyboard referred to playing the piano. It doesn’t. Over the course of my now getting ever-so-long life, I have attempted to learn the piano several times. I was once told that I had a very sophisticated ear, far beyond my actual musical knowledge. I would begin to play and for one reason or another my attention would wane and I would stop.

My mom played the piano regularly during my childhood but then she stopped. She was really quite good at it.  I remember that my brother and I, we were just mere little tots, took piano lessons together. That was a disaster. There were lines drawn on the piano bench and fights about territory. We then moved on to separate lessons. The problem shifted to our piano teacher who had her cup of tea and her pencil which was always on the note as she demanded “WHAT Note IS THIS!!!”  She kept me playing the Spinning Song for months. The more she  demanded that I play it, the less I played it or practiced. You know where this is going…I stopped taking piano lessons.

Once I was in college and then graduate school, I wished I knew how to play. I always wanted to be able to sit at the piano and play out a mood.  Fast forward many years and I have two children. One, my oldest, a boy, is extraordinarily talented musically. So, after playing the trumpet for many years he decided one day to teach himself to play the piano. His knowledge of music is light years ahead of mine and he hears lines of music, if that is what it is called, that I cannot. He can be listening and he will say “did you hear…? Sorry,” I have to state, “I can’t hear it.”

He is off at college studying Arts Management and creating his music. He plays the keyboard (he doesn’t have a piano at school) when he needs to play out a mood, when he wants to fool around, when he wants to create. I wish I could do that.

But, he is away at school and I don’t get to hear him play very often anymore unless I put a CD in of his older songs.  Anyway, I have digressed. I was going to write about working the computer keyboard. The piano was to be a segway into the real topic.

I guess the real topic, writing, will wait till my next post.