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I awoke to a troubled teenager girl. The past evening had been filled with tears and anger and confusion. Life can be hard on a normal day, but the drama of teenage angst makes it harder. I have heard people say they wish they were 17 again. Not me. I remember well my own angst-and mine lasted well past my teen years. I would not wish to return to that state ever.

Since my teens, I have had my ups and downs, but I think I have learned to manage it better. I happen to be celebrating a birthday this week. The number is a bit of a shock to me. But, still, it could be worse and if I remain healthy it will get worse.HAHAHA.

I wish I had a magic wand to wave over my hurting teen. I wish I could take the pain away. But I can’t. I hope that I have the compassion to help her through this difficult time in her life. I hope I can give her the strength to stay healthy and brave.

My heart beats fast, I seek clarity today. I have to breathe and trust it will work out. She is an amazing human being, if I could only find the way to show her.