I just wrote a blog about random thoughts and perhaps not so random thoughts. When I went to post it I was told it was an invalid post. LOL. It was a kind of complaining post, maybe self indulgent. So, I will rewrite the  last part of the post.

I signed on as a voter registration worker today. The last time I did that was during the Bush/Kerry campaign. I was astounded by the number of excuses people gave not to vote and the amount of misinformation about world issues, America’s positions etc. Things have gotten worse as I know more people who are too disgusted to vote. Yet, all we have is our vote. How can we speak about democracy and the strength of America when Americans do not take the time to educate themselves about the issues or take the time to protect their rights.

I believe that since 2001, our rights have been greatly diminished and most people do not understand it. I have seen the sad truth revealed in the efforts of one party to limit voter rights in the name of voter fraud, though governmental studies have shown no voter fraud. Can I then sit back and express my views about it all? I suppose I can, but I know that if I want the change to happen, if I want common sense and not ideology to shape the dialogue, I have to be part of the movement. 

I am not happy about where we are now. I am a liberal, yes and proud of it. I believe there is more to our lives than the bottom line of corporations. Years ago, in a graduate class, I remember a professor quoting a twentieth century philosopher who argued that America was on a decline. Though she had advanced technology her moral and philosophical views were shaped by nineteenth century morays. Listen to the rhetoric today and you can hear the nineteenth century. 

It is my duty as a concerned American citizen to be involved and so I have done what I have done in the past, engaged the electoral process with all its shortcomings in hopes that something different can emerge. By the way, with such huge amounts of money spent on diabolical political ads one could alter the desperate lives of many of our citizens. It is a shame.