Politics, Politicians, and Truth

I have always been involved politically — sometimes more actively than others. The trouble is that as every election passes I grow more cynical. I am one of those whose views have not gone from liberal to conservative as I have grown older. LOL! Not even close. But, my trust in our country’s ability to have reasonable dialogue, citizen involvement, and meaningful debate has lessened over the years.

I would like to think that I could pick up and move to another country, but I am not so sure. I do believe, still, that we have a responsibility to improve the plight of those less fortunate and that can happen politically. But the infusion of money from the corporations, thanks to a bizarre Supreme Court ruling has drastically altered the political arena.

Democracy works only if the citizens take responsibility and exercise their rights. The problem of voter turn out is huge and this year it has been complicated more by the attempts to limit voter registration under the false claim of protecting us from voter fraud.

I watched the Republican convention as difficult as it was and I will watch the Democratic convention. I hate the sound bites and the false rhetoric. I hate the fact that politicians take a piece of some truth and warp the meaning. I hate that the general population doesn’t want to take the time to learn about the issues or indeed what defines the problems.

I have been working voter registration and one day as I was sitting at the table, the other woman working asked a gentleman “have you registered to vote?” The gentleman, if I can be so generous, said, “Yes I am a registered Republican and I am going to do everything I can to get this bozo Obama out of office!” At which point I stated, “the question was simply have you registered to vote”, his response “Fuck you!.”
Nice cordial behavior as I sit in the 90 plus degree whether registering voters–Republicans and Democrats!

I wonder what it takes to get to the truth these days when each party is accusing the other of lies yet telling the truth with all its complexities is not part of the dialogue. No, the problems can not be reduced to sound bites, nor can the solutions to these complex problems. Despite my cynicism and feeling disheartened, I cannot tolerate the complaining of those who no longer participate in the process. They are as much a part of the issue as the manipulation of the truth.