Sometimes I run so fast I can’t see where I am going

Sometimes, I walk forward but twisted with my gaze backwards

Mourning all that I have missed

At times I am propelled in this or that direction lost in my confusion

I miss the path that takes me forward closer to my destination


Sometimes I walk but my gaze is down and once again I have missed where I have been

Other times I manage to move forward with eyes absorbing everything around me

At times, my soul is lifted by my surroundings; feelings of elation about the journey and my present fill me with peace

I know these moments well, I have memorized their sensations still I wonder off the path forward and struggle to return again.

I wonder why I do not stay where my feet are moving and keep my glance here within and without me

At times I am amazed at far I will go tormenting myself before I take the next step forward and lift my eyes to see and return to the path I am on now