Secrets kill

I was ready the news online as I always do when I came upon a BBC special report on Child Abuse in America. The country where voices are regularly raised around “Family value” and Christian principles is the focus of this report. Yet, the sad and horrifying truth is that reports now list America as having the worst record of any industrialized country in dealing with child abuse. Thousands of children every year are killed by those who are entrusted to protect and love them.

Thousands more are neglected or psychologically maimed  leaving a generation of children to grow into child abusers.  We talk about family and yet we have accepted children growing up in shelters for decades. Harsh, unsafe, frightening places for the young developing minds of children. Why should we be surprised, with all the family value talk, America places 39th in the WORLD for infant mortality. Another shame we don’t choose to address.

If we continue to hide from the violent underpinnings that plague our country today, what hope do we have for being a beacon of light to the world tomorrow? There are so many reasons for the increase in child abuse. A cohesive approach is needed which of course includes education, jobs, social supports, and a massive public outreach campaign about child abuse.

This is about the future of our nation and the soul of our country. Where is the outrage?