Listen to the Music and Spread the Word That’s the soundcloud address for an up and coming young musician-keyboard player and composer. The sound is indeed soulful. I love R&B, jazz, funk, Broadway music, classical music and the like. The only type of music that irritates me is country music. I understand the complex musical roots that went into the creation of the genre and the way it is merging with other musical genres now.

I digress. I have heard Ben’s music played on a piano, a sound I also prefer over keyboard, but I do believe that is a generational thing. The thing about music is its ability to touch one’s core. Is it one’s soul? Is it one’s essential essence? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. I am touched by music.

I received my Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies in the Arts so it is not surprising that I relate to many artistic formats: painting, sculpture, dance, music and writing, now my creative expression. In the beginning, it was theatre; that was my creative expression. I do sometimes miss it, but I have made choices in my life which took me in other directions.

Writing and reading other’s writings is central in my life but my life would not be complete without other artistic inspirations. I thought I would share some of this music with you and hope that you will share it with others. Quality work is that, quality and should be experienced by as many as possible. Happy listening and sharing!

For the Love of Stressing

One would think that I have never travelled. I am leaving in a few days to visit friends in CO. I am a nervous wreck about the altitude, my migraines, and the cold. I am from NY but have been living in the south longer than I like to admit. So the thought of the cold is very intimidating. My friend said “It gets into the 40s at night. We sleep with the windows open.” OMG. That is sub-zero weather to me these days. I will shiver my way through my vacation.

Last year I was in Peru and Equador, and I suffered from migraines induced from altitude issues? I don’t know. I thought I would floar away from drinking so much water. My friend said, “Are you drinking a lot of water?” UGH. I am bad about it. I know the miracle of water, but I am bad at providing my body with that sustenance.

I am looking forward to being in the Rockies, hiking, etc. I expect to take magnificent photos. There is nothing to stress about, but I will stress anyway. I am such a garden type neurotic. If I didn’t stress what would I do? Have energy for more productive behaviors? How boring is that, really!