Back from Patagonia

I had the opportunity to go to southern Argentina and explore, for a short time, two places in Patagonia. One was the Beagle Channel the other was the glacier. The trip was fantastic. My daughter and I hiked and rafted and braved the cold weather. We went horseback riding the last morning we were there. Neither of us had ridden in years.

I love to travel it gives me such a sense of well being. I love to experience other countries, other cultures, other people. I have always had a serious connection to history. My favorite literature is historical novels. What can I say, I am in many respects stuck in the distant past. The ability to visit other places has always given my energy and set my spirit soaring. I am enlivened by my experiences.  My daughter has not had the opportunity to travel as much as her brother, but she chose Patagonia over Paris. Any place is fine with me. LOL. And as she trekking one day she threw her arms out in the wind and said, “I feel so free.” I can relate. We didn’t go on the intensive trekking groups as I didn’t think I could hike for 12 hours a day.  The groups were joined were between 8-10 people. Most everyone was in their 20s, and then there was me. Decades and decades….older. But I did not embarrass myself.

I had planned 5 years ago to go on a hiking trip along the Amalfi coast, but my daughter became ill so I cancelled my trip. I had always wanted to go on a bicycle trip through parts of Spain. But the rest of my family voted me down. I think one type of trip I will do involves travelling to places and doing volunteer work. That fascinates me as well.

Thanks for picking me up

As I sat here at my desk, my office is in my home, and feverishly  attempted to figure this blogging site out, I heard the door open and close. I called out “L.. is that you?” Shuffle, shuffle, I hear her walking into my office, as she does everyday.

Only today, while I sat at computer I neglected to hear that it was raining. She said, in her most tasty tone, “Thanks for picking me up. Ummm” I looked at her and laughed. Not that she was sooo wet, but that I was so involved I lost track of the  time. Mind you, she had to walk about 5 houses away from where the bus dropped her off.

I tried to explain, she wasn’t really angry, but put up her hand “Don’t,” she stated matter of factly. I followed her into the  kitchen explaining how I was distracted, how difficult this process is for me. “Don’t” she stated holding up her hand as she searched for something to snack on.

Oh well. I messed up, but not that badly. She is home safe and sound and fed. I returned to my computer to figure this out. I haven’t a clue what I am doing, but after another 40 minutes of clicking on this and that, of having trouble signing in again, I decided to just try to add another post.  Perhaps more later.