Back from Patagonia

I had the opportunity to go to southern Argentina and explore, for a short time, two places in Patagonia. One was the Beagle Channel the other was the glacier. The trip was fantastic. My daughter and I hiked and rafted and braved the cold weather. We went horseback riding the last morning we were there. Neither of us had ridden in years.

I love to travel it gives me such a sense of well being. I love to experience other countries, other cultures, other people. I have always had a serious connection to history. My favorite literature is historical novels. What can I say, I am in many respects stuck in the distant past. The ability to visit other places has always given my energy and set my spirit soaring. I am enlivened by my experiences.  My daughter has not had the opportunity to travel as much as her brother, but she chose Patagonia over Paris. Any place is fine with me. LOL. And as she trekking one day she threw her arms out in the wind and said, “I feel so free.” I can relate. We didn’t go on the intensive trekking groups as I didn’t think I could hike for 12 hours a day.  The groups were joined were between 8-10 people. Most everyone was in their 20s, and then there was me. Decades and decades….older. But I did not embarrass myself.

I had planned 5 years ago to go on a hiking trip along the Amalfi coast, but my daughter became ill so I cancelled my trip. I had always wanted to go on a bicycle trip through parts of Spain. But the rest of my family voted me down. I think one type of trip I will do involves travelling to places and doing volunteer work. That fascinates me as well.

Miss L. is stepping out for the night

My Miss L. She is a beauty. The only problem is that she is a young beauty. Scary to see photos of her sometimes as she looks soooo much older than she is. But then, you look closely and you see her youth in a detail here or there. In this particular case, Miss L had bought a dress for her friend’s school homecoming dance. I don’t even remember going to homecoming dances. For that matter, I don’t even know if we had homecoming dances. But then, I was not a rah, rah, high school girl. Miss L is not a rah, rah, HS girl but today, events like homecoming are ridiculously big events.

So, we went to Urban Outfitters and we found a cute dress that was not expensive. Of course it is put together with “spit” as the expression goes. That may be dating myself… There were several options of high heels already at home –as Miss L like high heels. But here is the thing, she will fuss over everything matching– hair, nails, shoes, etc. and yet, there she is in the picture looking beautiful except she is not wearing her high heels. She is wearing her sandals. Miss L always steps out to her own drum beat.

I could have told you regardless of which pair of high heels she chose to wear that night, that they would not be on her feet for more than 3 minutes.
Usually she wears 5 or 6″ heels and then feels uncomfortable because they make her very tall.

I looked at the picture and shook my head. “If you don’t want to wear heels, why not just get a nice pair of flats. You shouldn’t ruin your outfit with the sandals.” Her brother commented during this discussion on “I Chat” that her shoes were gross. But he is a looser from her perspective. And, she was disgusted with him at that moment as he had shared something about his college date she did not want to hear. Hmmm.

Needless to say, she was not open to my view or his. Still, I am glad that Miss L is stepping out regardless of whatever is on her feet.