Last 20 Secs of 2015 Super Bowl Big Error?

I am not a big fan of watching football but I did watch the Super Bowl game this year. The passing play that lost the game was confusing to say the least. I can only think that the coach thought he would fake the Patriots out letting them think the play would go to Lynch….

What is the lesson here? If the move seems logical to go straight ahead, with three tries shouldn’t one go straight? If, the play had succeeded and Seatle had made the touch down would the headlines be screaming about the worst play ever? Probably not!

I don’t know if there are any lessons to be learned. The coach gambled and lost. It was a calculated risk, one that would have gone done in the history books as brilliant had it succeeded. Instead, it failed and it goes down in the history books as a big failure to do the most obvious thing.

I think we are often faced with making the obvious choice or choosing the risky, even outrageous choice that, IF it succeeds, will be brilliant. I often seem to be caught between do the obvious and take the risk. Creative behavior always has a risk attached to it. There is never a guarantee of success. Actually, I think more times than not failure looms great.

You have to give the coach credit for taking such a monumental risk. He played all his cards in that one move and lost big. Still it took courage and guts to commit his team to such a risky play. Perhaps it could have been executed more precisely, then we would be having the other discussion about brilliance…