Writing from my head and my heart

I am the newsletter writer for a women’s business owners organization. Like everything I do, I take the task seriously. I have been writing professionally since the mid eighties. I came to my writing career through the theatre and my graduate studies.

It has been an up hill struggle. A good deal of that struggle has been self imposed. I never knew how to network, never understood what it meant. And so, opportunities for making certain connections were missed. So many years later, I am working hard at making my connections. And I am making progress. But the progress seems slow at times. At least, it does when I am impatient to see things florish. In my weakened moments, I feel jealous when I hear someone speak about the success they have because they have managed their connections better than I have. That jealousy gets me no where.

I write for a few regional magazines as well and the feed back I have been receiving is positive. I have a new book recently published, and today I received an interesting assignment for a new magazine piece. I have begun research on a new project, one that I want to write as a screen play. And so, despite the lack of my bursting on to the writing scene (haa haa), I keep going. I have to.

With that sad note, I will sign off. Hopefully, to awake to a more positive framework. It is easier to write in a more centered place than struggle through the muck of emotional confusion.

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