Writing what you know

I am rebellious by nature — I guess. My first impulse to most things is to do the opposite. The advice given to most young writers (of which I am not one) is to specialize. Pick an area and become the expert in that field.

I just finished reading a piece about blogging. AND, the advice for new bloggers was to specialize. So, here I am feeling my back up against the wall, as it were. Perhaps, these advisers are correct. Probably, my life would have been simpler if I had paid attention. But…

I was trained in interdisciplinary studies. Indeed, I received my Ph.D. in that area. Telling me to stay with one discipline is like confining me to a small cramped space. I can’t do it. No!! I will not do it! I do not see the world from such a narrow perspective. I do not mean to give offense by that statement. Such limits might make life easier for some, but not for me. Anyhow, half the fun of writing about whatever is learning something new.

Learning has always been core to my being. One of the areas of focus for my doctoral studies was creativity. Learning is a creative act. By nature, creativity requires breaking down old ways and perspectives and establishing new ones. So, there it is. The heart of my dilemma. I don’t like sameness.

Yet, in my resistance there is something I know. I know that my personal writings, those I pieces I have worked on that have given me joy are those that concern women. I guess that means I should aim my blog toward that demographic. Do you think it is a large enough group…..

So with much regret, I choose to simplify my life at this blogging adventure. You heard it hear first! I will concentrate on speaking to women. More to come….

One thought on “Writing what you know

  1. Creativity is my expertise as well. I once sat in a meeting and was shown a bell curve. It was upside down. It was supposed to represent the life a company. It starts with a “Creative” at the bottom of the left side then moves to “Production” like a well performing stock, It settles with “Team” work at the top of the curve profits slowing down and ends with “Administrative and consulting”. When the business starts slowing down an administrative team comes to analyze the issues further weighing it down. It is only when the “Creative” brings a new idea does the company start rolling.

    Business is cross gendered and so are woman’s issues. The real problem to guard against with every cell is apathy.


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